18th century villa or medieval borough? Traditional food or scientific gastronomy? A luxury Lamborghini car or a vintage sidecar? Folk band, jazz band or a string quartet? The research is on us: we verify the dates and price availabilities and we schedule meetings, tastings and visits for you.

If this is all you need, great!  If you’d like more, then we move ahead to BUDGETING.


Our first step is a clear cut budget, which we shape and update at every step of the way. Deposits, payments and installments are always under control. To begin with, we will explore budget perspectives with you, and play around with the many variables until we can shape a budget that will not only include everything to make all your wishes for your big day come true, but that is affordable and specific to you.

If this is all you need, great! If you’d like more, then we move ahead to the PLAN.


The PLAN is the script of your wedding: a detailed file that takes its shape as the planning unfolds. We script it with you and for you, based on the directions you give us as well as the observances of your tastes as we get to know you better. The PLAN shapes the roles of the suppliers, of all professionals involved, of the setup, the surprises and the schedule. It is shaped to fulfill your wishes while respecting the budget.

If this is all you need, great! If you’d like more, then we move ahead to the ARTISTIC DIRECTION.

Artistic Direction

Every wedding is unique; orchestrated to complement the styles and themes chosen by the bride and groom. The elements that contribute to its harmony are the design, image, colors, soundtrack, lights, flowers, and atmosphere. We make sure everything fits together stunningly, and we report every detail on the PLAN.

On the wedding day, we’re the first to arrive and the last to leave. We assist your guests and you; we coordinate the suppliers and we handle the big and small challenges with confidence and ease.


Weddings are great feasts gravitating around important ceremonies, to seal your commitment of love. We think of the ceremony as the most significant part of the wedding: the opening act of your new life. We shape and direct it with great respect and love, be it religious, civil or symbolic. Sequence, schedule, artistic content and directing are our job; yours is only to live the most exciting moment in your life to the fullest.

If this is all you need, great! If you’d like more, then we move ahead to the RECEPTION.


Hip and informal cocktail party? Court ball? Picnic on the grass? We have options for all tastes and for all pockets, always with a ready plan B: it won’t rain, yet if it rains we’re covered – in every possible way! The right music, the unforgettable cake, the atmosphere lights…Our wedding parties are memorable: years later people still claim “I was there!”.


Your guests will remember a stunning wedding if they are welcomed with courtesy, served with care, entertained with good music and surprised along the way with activities and services no one will be expecting to find at a wedding. The heel taps to dance on the grass, the collection of selected cigars, the time machine (contact us to know about it!). The Ladies of the Rings are a volcano of ideas.

Wedding Planner Take Away

Have you already shaped your project, picked services and suppliers, agreed on deliveries and roles, but you – or your mom or cousin – don’t want to spend the wedding day in producers’ shoes? We are available on call: we meet you a few days before the wedding, you pass all the relevant info on to us and we carry it through, exactly as you’ve been picturing all along!

Wedding Planner on Call

Would you like to skim through the thousand ideas and inspirations you found on Pinterest in a way that actually produces your desired results? Do you live abroad and would like to host your big day in Italy? Are you still not sure which region, city or venue to choose from and would like an expert opinion? Book a Skype consultation, to bring some clarity to your decision making, so that you can continue planning on your own, or then go back to  PLAN!

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